Application Process

How TOFF Protects Your Truck Bed

Applied directly to your truck bed, TOFF sprayed-on bedliners form a permanent watertight bond between the truck and the outside environment, protecting it from corrosion, rust, scratches, scrapes, and dents. It adheres directly to every curve and contour of your truck and creates a non-skid surface that holds cargo in place. It works just as well on used trucks to increase the resale value.

The 4 Step Process:


Taping and Papering

The bed is draped in plastic and masked off to protect the areas of your truck that will not be sprayed. Fiber tape is embedded to create clean cuts after application.

Surface Preparation

The bed is thoroughly abraded to create the proper adhesion of the bedliner. Finally, the bed is air blown and wiped down with a specialty cleaner to remove any loose particles.



TOFF is consistently sprayed over the entire truck bed for an airtight and watertight seal. It dries almost instantly and is ready for use immediately.


The pre-embedded fiber trim is pulled through the bedliner material, yielding a clean, straight, edge. All other plastic and masking are removed and any excess bedliner material is carefully removed. The result is a factory installed look that will protect your truck.