1. Why TOFF?

TOFF provides a skid-resistant surface, durability and a factory installed finish, all with a limited lifetime warranty. TOFF is ready to use just hours after application and will automatically increase the value of your truck.

2. Is TOFF environmentally friendly?

Yes. Since our products are 100% solids and made from renewable resources; they emit zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

3. Does TOFF come in different colors?

The product can be pigmented in any color. Availability will be based upon local applications facilities’ choice to spray colors or not (black is the most popular color).

4. Will TOFF withstand extreme temperatures?

Yes, TOFF is functional from -40˚F to 230˚F.

5. How do I find a TOFF dealer?

Contact Artlux via phone or email.

6. How fast can I use the bed of my truck after being sprayed?

Once you pick up your truck, you can start to use it immediately. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours for heavy use.

7. How do I clean my bedliner?

Cleaning your TOFF bedliner is as easy as going through the car wash or just hosing it down with soap and water.

8. What other applications can TOFF be used for?

TOFF can be used to protect: concrete, styrofoam, metal, fiberglass, wood, cinder and concrete blocks, etc. Preparation of each material will vary.  (Examples: trailers, garages, roofs, water tanks, speakers, etc.)